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  Frequently Asked Questions


Does my furniture carry the full manufacturer's warranty?

All Furniture products are sold as brand new with the full warranty provisions offered by the manufacturer...See warranty Inclusions on this site.  Click for Warrant Info


What if the furniture does not fit through my doorway?

To avoid delivery day disapointments, measure the area you plan to place your furniture in, as well as the products you have selected to purchase, at the time you place your order.  Also, measure your doorways (height and width) to which the furniture must pass.  Knowing these specifications ahead of time will result in problem-free navigation.


What if I'm not sure if the furniture will fit?

We will be pleased to provide advice and share our years of experience regarding size limitations.


In the event we were wrong and the furniture does not fit, is there a remedy?

As on on-site furniture manufacturer, we have the ability to remove arms & backs of sofas and reinstall them in your room. Having done it for countless satisfied customers at a very reasonable labor cost, we can make available to you, sofas that would not, in any other circumstance, navigate into your setting. This courtesy is unavailable at any retail (only) furniture facility.


What things should I do on delivery day?

In preparation for your delivery, please remove pictures, accessories, etc. from your walls to prevent damage. Clear any obstacles from passageways that would inhibit our drivers from bringing the merchandise into your home.  Keep children and pets secure during the delivery to prevent injury.


What may the deliverymen do as it relates to moving your current furniture?

Our delivery teams are not permitted by us to move your existing furniture, electronics or other household belongings and cannot set up lamps, hang pictures or mirrors on walls, or make electrical connections for entertainment units.  You can, however,  negotitate with them to circumvent these restrictions.  Sofa Specialist™ drivers are independently owned and  contracted by our business for your delivery.  As such, you may negotiate any agreement regarding these issues that are acceptible between you and the Owner-Driver.  Consequently, that arrangment is in no way  approved, authorized or administered by us.  The Sofa Specialist™ cannot assume responsibility whatsoever for those activites.


We'd prefer to pick up our furniture.... what packing materials do you provide?

All merchandise comes packaged in the original cartons and protective covers in factory-fresh condition.  Insurance restrictions prohibit the Sofa Specialilst™ from providing any ropes, ties, or other vehicle securing material.  We cannot be responsibile for navigation on the road after you leave the loading dock at our facility.  We suggest you bring bungie cords, rope, blankets, and padding protection for your vehicle.  Securing the merchandise should be easy providing that it fits on the bed of a pickup truck or SUV with the seats placed down.  Many of our customers pick up their furniture at our facility to save on the cost of paying for delivery charges. Another option to consider: There are very reasonable rental rates for vehicles from UHaul™ if you prefer.


What is the claim procedure if I have a problem with the furniture?

If a problem should arise for a product covered by our limited warranty, please contact us and not Ashley directly.  They will only advise you to do the same, so save yourself the time.  The original bill of sale (your sales order) and the serial number are required for the fulfillment of the warranty (the serial number is found on all products on the back of case good products such as bedroom sets, to underneath seat cushions of sofas). If necessary, we will contact the manufacturer to establish service.  In most cases,  we will send an authorized repairman to your home and repair the item if possible at no cost to you...We reserve the right to require defective parts to be returned upon request.  If the product is out of warranty, we will make every effort to repair or replace it at a very reasonable cost  This is done as a courtesy to customers who have purchased furniture from us in the past.


Do you have financing plans?

We do not provide any finance programs due to our significantly lower prices.  However, the terms of our Layaway Programs are convenient, flexible, and generous, with absolutely no storage or interest charges.  Our business policy is designed to offer you very flexible  time-extended payment terms without the consequences  so often connected with the high finance charge programs and their  interest penalties. Be cautious when the "good, kind, people" offer you 48 months to pay.  Its not free...there is a catch, and its a big one! The old adage applies here...."when it looks too good to be true..IT IS!"


Your competition offers deferred interest payment plans, why don't you? 

Be sure to read the fine print for those programs. "Do not pay interest until........." But you will be in for surprise at that time. You'll pay interest and a good amount of it "all in one shot!" Deferment pay programs come with a catch. Do not miss or pay late....pro-rated accrued daily interest will accumulate, raising your original purchase price significantly. When it sounds too good to be true, it  usually is! Those finance companies are not in this business to be nice.  They make money when you fall into their trap. One late payment, or the  deferred term coming due will cost you more than you can imagine! Our prices are designed to motivate you to buy within your budget, on a time schedule most suitable to you and your family.  And, to the contrary, will cost you absolutely nothing.  Our terms are tailored to your specific needs and  financial situation. They are fully negotiable.


We buy from you, and find a lower price elsewhere. Is there price protection?

The Sofa Specialist™ will meet any legitimate price from an Authorized Competitor for 90 days after you've received your furniture and adjust the price you paid accordingly.   That is true price protection.....We Will Not Be Undersold!

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