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Reclining Chairs

It's been a rough day!

 Time for you to sit down 

Relieve stressful energy 

Raise your legs and relax  

Pick up your favorite book

Watch a good movie or TV Show 

 Ashley® Recliners tension relief me


We now feature Select Electric  Recliners that open & close at at touch of a button!

Available in Chenile, DuraBlend* MicroFiber, Durablend Leather* & Solid Cowhide

*DURABLEND™ DURAPLUSH and DURAPELLA are trademarks of Ashley Furniture® Industries, Inc.


Model 789


                          Model  773

Model 776

                             Model 772 

                          Model 759

                             Model 756

                             Model 748

Model 742

Model 735

Model 732

Model 729

Model 706

Model 650

Model 514

Model 511

Model 494

Model 430

Model 408 Beige

Model 408 Blue

Model 399 Midnight

Model 399 Brown

Model 296

Model 252

Model 199

Model 139

Model 175

Model 114

Model 214 Pewter

Model 214 Crimson

Model 214 Chocolate Brown

Model 199

Model 193

Model 192

Model 180 Gray

Model 180 Taupe

Model 175 Beige

Model 151

Model 714

                              Model 530

Model 807

Model 327

Model 426

                            Model 176

   151 Blue velvet

 Model 151 Brown Velet

 Model 143

 Model 123



Model 101

                               Model 727


           Press the Button & Recline

Electric Power!

Also Available as a Matching  Dual Reclining Sofa & Love Sized Sofa

Electric or Mechanical Recline

All Recliners carry a 5 year Ltd. warranty on the mechanismSpecials and 20% off our already lowest prices are regularly offeredEveryday...ALL furniture is On-SALE at the Sofa Specialist™ Ashley recliners are built and assembled in the U.S. and feature Legett & Platt Mechanisms...The Industry's finest and most durable...Smooth, Dependable, and reliable! Visit our Showroom to experience the convenience, comfort and quality you will enjoy with your Ashley Rocker Reclining Chair!

Sofas with Built-In Recliners: Motion Furniture

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